Exam preperation - Anthropology of Gender 2019 - 17th May


  1. Body as `evidence'
  2. The feminist definitions of Gender
  3. Orientalism and gendered forms of geopolitcal Othering
  4. Queen and trans theories
  5. Performativity
  6. Anti-naturalistation and antibiologolistation
  7. Anti-binary expressions
  8. Shifts historical
  9. Anti-vacuum approach and looking at the social and cultural developments (1968)
  10. Examples and namedropping lmao
  11. Judish Butler - drag and subversion; Emma Tarlo - Islamic fashionscape; Antonia Young - ethnography on albanian sworn Virgins (basially overocming standard gender attitudes); Guerrila girls anti-gender thought; Kathy Huang - varia indonesia
  12. Using art to jump onto ethnography and problematic of art. Orientalist refferences to understand how orientalism worked for position of power (that element)
  13. P. Willis - replicating masculine behaviour in british working class and the will towards working class lives
  14. Cornwall - Travestes in Salvador as changing Identities
  15. J. Halberstam - female masculinity and policing of how woman should behave
  16. W. Bracewell (f) - masculinity as source of ideals and masculinite militarism in war, Serbia
  17. L. Gill - Bolivian masculinity as central to understand how military worked in the society
  18. B. Teena - gender as deceiving in entering the masculine space
  19. R. Connell (f) - hegemenonic masculinities and variants of it
  20. S. Hammad (f) - don't wanna be your exotic as an example of anticolonial poetry
  21. J-L Gerome - orientalist paintings
  22. J. Scott - society classifies peeps
    • - -

TODO: more namedropping (tho theories are absurdly simplistic anyway; ethnographic random communities and somehow respectable methodology; understanding the development of debates)