Base Materialism and Gnosticism

  1. The needed abstraction for differentation of objects, the scaffolding as the ay to understand the elements of the world.
  2. The Materialism came from Hegelian Ontology which needed to abstract everything and saying that all negation of philosophy being the basis of philos. The Hegel's views are in deep relation to the Gnosticism as the dualism of objects allowed for understanding the world.
  3. The verility of Gnositc blieves and the non-human of the divine allowed for such good representation of the metaphysical
  4. The position of Gnosticism as the way of the mix of late Greco-Roman position and the Christian position and this getting away with understadable sphere of the metaphysical.
  5. The bad name of Gnostics was because of their potrayal of church fathers as they were their political and religious enemies, and not understanding that their position was often the most humanistic one.
  6. Most of Gnostic work is destroyed. The positions of Gnonistics was dualisitic and their imagery was of complete difference from reality and the way in which it enver achieved any poistion of power
  7. The autonomous of active princeple forced it to become dualistic, as it always fought against religion. It was the fullest representation of emanation, where demiourgos just enforces his ideas on the world and is of complete control. This metaphysical speculation as the cause of mythological nightmares.
  8. This sexual rites being a base of reality and this virality of all existence and the lack of being.
  9. Archjontes as teh being of power and the controllers of being and this pessimism of mythology and optimism of materialism in its own psychological process.
  10. The similairity to Materialism as the way of deontologizing the most abstract of idealisms. Base matter as the enemy of aspiration which can be controlled by idealism, and without idealism can be powerful. Human spirit as something outside the power of the divine.
  11. This juxtaposition being of materialism being a division from the abstract and settling freedom as teh abstract is left and allow for existence.
  12. imagery.

The text focuses on how gnosticism, through its wild metaphysical speculation became a religion which liberated from the abstract as it made the sphere of abstract independent from the real. The Other of the real in which events happen made the philosophical position much more free and better understood than it would be if it were not. This for Bataille also happened in Hegelian Materialism as it also left the abstractions of Hegel and shown the freedom of the world in which those abstractions exist.