Grundrisse: Notebook VII – The Chapter on Capital =================================================

Karl Marx

  1. Capital is divided between fixed and circulating, where both co-relate to each other.
  2. The differentiation between aspects of capital is the method in which it acts.
  3. Capital itslef produces profit while fixed profit can only exist for prodcuction.
  4. The reduction of circulation happens through a change in time of circualtion of capital or developement. Fixed capital increases proportionally to the developement of hte productive forces Fc⬆t=td^t | The developement of capital is based on the developement of machinery.
  5. The developement of science forces the replacement of the labour power of worker. The worker struggles against the machine as it tooks his power for revolution and its emancipation.

  6. The disproportion between time of production and the amount of time, where labour because a secondary process to a production of capital. Human stops producing but machine starts warking itself. The worker is lost from his work and becomes a object of the machine where losing the alientation is impossible. The labour time is as the same time source of wealth as it is limited therefore it is a contradictory position to develop on it.

  7. Nature does not devleop techology. The developement of machine shows the position of huma nknowledge and the developement of the power to move the knowledge and work in its aspect.

  8. The developement of fixed capital is dependent of developement of teh entire capital as both of those funcition are co-dependent. The part of wealth must be lost as it might could have been non-exixstent as the risk of losing elements is bad. 14%