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Lessons of individuality

Individuality, the value on which the Western culture was built. The possibility and capability of an individual to create and express what they wish and not be limited by others' pressures. With this power inventions came along as an individual was able to just create things he wanted. It was not the military, not the powerful state who was at the forefront of the future, it was the individual. With this development, also the expression became not of society, but of individual. As individual could buy designs from other individuals, and even put them in big stores created by individuals and those individuals could buy product created by individuals and then get excited for another product.

The internet, which was created by many valuable individuals was great. It allowed for expressions of individuality to be as varied as possible. And people could look at other individuals to learn how individuality could be done. A great era could usher in which all things could be created in self-understandings of individuals. Religions, nations, fashions all could finally be dropped in their falsity and dominance. Only science (which as we all knew) is true and finally is free from control this is the future.

With multiplicity of forums people could learn what are fun things. And in this the paradox of this lied. It turned out that people actually always enjoyed the same things and individuality is just a value to sell product so you get excited for another product to have another product. I mean it keeps you, me, them busy. Quite busy. Being the busiest.

That is good. I bought a copy of that book by Dale Carnegie, I hope I can finally fix my career and have fulfilling social life. I mean could pirate it, but physical copy is nicer and will good on photos of my stack on Instagram, and then people can know what I bought so I can share what I have. I am atheist, but I know that I am reincarnation and actually I am, was and will be everyone. Religious people are so gullible, as they still live in the dark ages. The dark ages, where people couldn't share what they enjoyed, and even worse, couldn't go to the IKEA. What a pain that was. Imagine having to buy a chair from a guild, in which all individuals lost their individuality to the guild. At least IKEA helps individuals. And they have free pencils. Good lord, I love the free pencils, having a free pencil is like winning a lottery.

But no risk, I mean if it would scale well everybody would have been rich, but why then not everyone is rich, when everyone should be rich. I mean, I support UBI, which will be finally introduced and then we will have real communism, and then we will stop dying. Cause death is bad. Of course, my incarnations which were born in times in which there are still is death are kind of fucked. But I was dumb infinite amount of times, this time it is different cause I have my individuality. I am free from any herd mentality, like Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker and I have my individuality. As my individuality gives me power. I also have a standing desk, it's a fine desk and helps my posture, having bad posture is bad I was told. fuck you Sony from destroying spiderman though. I also do not believe in modern politics, cause they are to focused on the self-acts, and I am selfless and therefore I will help liberate peoples from their sufferings, which are in each individual. Individuals will fight against anti-individual time to express their freedom and be liberated from the evil state.

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