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hunters lodge investment scheme

Disclaimer: I don't even know what this text is about or what is its goal. Read at your own risk.

let's consider current poltiical era and the activism in it. is it efficient? i feel as if i am repeating myself cause i am. cause all of these things already happened. the strikes happen constantly and politicians decide to do nothing about them and keep the status quo or even for the worse make it worsee. the big corporations get more control and the segments of market gain more control. lets remember that we live in highly comedic microperiod as that was loooong time without a real crisis. what is the hunters lodge? i dont know.

it all becomes even more surreal in such economic period as all things get bigger and any reference to actions of the past and when i speak of the past i speak of 20th century american history) we can see that all those things have alraedy happened. but back then it wasn't so bad. climate change was just some crazy idea but know it is concrete*. in its concreteness it is so concrete it is a hyperobject. what is a hyperobject? hyperobject is a jump from not being to comprehend something to putting it into analytical category so you can have less anxiety about not understanding it. shakespeare's diarrhea and its effect on his work is a hyperobject. same goes for climet stuff. cause so many things could have been affected. what is metereology? the deer run off.

that sucks, as we don't know what will be for dinner. well, celeuse is edible in the end. but it doesn't matter. so my therapist has said, there are good ones of thsoe. returning to the point we ought to return to the point. rich people are big and powerful cause they are rich. big and powerful people are rich cause they are big and powerful. it seems those are the workings of power, and how to kill this lviathan, behemoth, hydra, manticore, sphinx, and other mythical beast which puts aus at distance from concrete reality of interests of people and accepting categories of neoliberal scholars but just giving them names of evil things. i mean it took a lot of people to kill the hdra, and by a lot of people i mean one swole demigod dude.

the investement, oh the doctors investement for the schemes. otherwhise hunting lodge would fall. what is hunting lodge - i don't know, we just hunt big game and then we put new big game. we also have distance as those people who create their distance. but we hunt concrete animals, real animals like bears, elephants, lemurs, and pige. we have guns as the military, we have army as the goverment. we know a lot about our lodge. we existed since 1850, and we have good fun with folks. also we talk about politics as it is a fun thing to talk about, although can get upsetting if you think about it seriously, or believe some big ideas. oh, the lodges with big ideas and without investement schemes. the static lodges, the lodges which can be understood by a simple person, and the ones which do not change.

we have decided to take parmenidean model of society as our model. it is quite funny as the manuscripts to which we refer do not exist. there is no such things as parmenidean poltiics. we do it, but it is fun. my iphone rung. and so, the acts of politics will continue until politics contittop. time to go home and look at our investements.

and returning to the political side of things, i do not fucken know. i will vote who somebody who will legalise qualludes. that will make things less upsetting. being less upset is fun. i mean i will not take them lemmons i tell you, just the concept of them being legal brings joy to my heart like a well cleaned room by marie kondo (tm). and i wrote about same thing again. i mean all writers write about same thing, as all work can be certainly seen as autobiographical as it is written in their life. even if it is well edited it still is their life that created their life (interestingly kate bush considers her work to not be autobiographical, as she decided to descirbe the life of emily bronte from perspective of emily bronte as she is emily bronte if and only if she is emily bronte).

This text I have found lying in my directory, unpublished. I have finished writing it on September 22 2019, and as it is 13 January 2020, now I wish to interpret myself. One is free to read it however they wish, and without any influence. Some 2019 references show that making jokes that wouldn't work 50 years ago is not great idea, but with wikipedia it might still works. But, how something can remain funny after research.

What, I have written is in my rare favourite, the blank prose, where i avoid spaces and capitalisation and in general everyting is very fluid and one get easily lost. I still keep commas, as they are always nice and testify the tempo and silence.

I have thought this thing never existed. But it did. Does that change anything?

To deal with ones spurs, one does have to go through rounds of questioning oneself and consider how ones creative identity determines the ways of writing. The ways of writing are most visible in filler text, which is hard to recognise for the non-author reader. Even other author-readers often are unable to recognise those two forms, as author is often unaware of his ways of creating filler and how the space of speaking comes about.

The question whether experimental writing matters is a question whether freedom of expression matters. As with streamlined ways of thinking the experimental writing sells extremely badly, we must deal to solve the imperfecitons in our action and thought.

Inability to write

And so it ends, should it be rational or not, no explenations given. But who said there will be

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