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On reason in the age of internet

Internet has changed certain aspects of reason and their usage in discussion. In this article I will be focused on how they affect the way in which we understand current reality and how certain enlightenment values have become completely useless in our era. I am not going to give any examples, since giving examples would be too scientific and would obscure the subjectivity of this article. Even the methodology of giving examples, or even worse studies would have biases which would not be handy. Also, I do not give a shit.

Causa Violenti

I do not know Latin at the time of writing this article. To quote wisdom of a famous internet intellectual - 'Lingua latina mortua est.' or something like that. That's not the point. What's the point? To enact violent reason. What is violent reason? It is a reason which ought to cause reaction. And the easiest way to get reaction is to commit an act that is violent in some way. They are many ways to be violent, you idiot. Returning to reason, the discussion must start often with a premise, and the biggest chance of having discussion from a premise is from a violent premise. What is violent premise? It is a premise that strikes, that hurts, that angers, that pricketh. Why ought it pricketh? I said why, it must pricketh as without pricketh it is nothing, it is limited as nobody wants to have civil discussion. We can be civilians in the public. In the public we wish we had a nuke. I mean only internet offers intellecutal civilian means to pricketh 10 million people with their shitty opinion.

'It hurts us, it hurts us,' hissed Gollum. 'It freezes, it bites! Elves twisted it, curse them! Nasty cruel hobbits!(...)
— Gollum, 'Lord of The Rings'

That will to pricketh, even if somebody enacts through their goodwill (and that is even greater evil, commiting violence without knowledge of being violent, if you want to be good you gotta remain silent, my dear reader). We must remember, that no matter what, the violence is enacted of the resource that is always limited, the one which will be lost and it is also enacted without limitations on the internet. That resource is time. I am wasting yours now lol

Internet is focused on text. And image. And video. and podcast. and image with text. and video with images. all streamed. all continous. all unlimited on your internet of things coffee machine in San Jose, California. I hope you finish your degree. Kind regards

The internet exists by the comment. The comment is normal form of the discussion. It is reaction to violence, the one which was enacted by the poster, the creator of the text, the video, the podcast, the image with text, the image. Of course, sometimes an author forgets to add comment section, and then you will complain on your twitter feed, to your friends, or maybe keep it to yourself and went out your anger. There are efficient meditation methods and methods of coping. Blow air out of your nose as if there was a BURNING candle under your nose. Try to not distrub the fire. Use the fire. I mean do not disturb it. Breathe slowly. good job

Is there a way out?


Ted Kaczynski wrote...

He is in prison

Why did you mention him?

He is a guy with strong opinions and he also wanted to do violence in public. He did not have nukes tho. Maybe good for those guys and their families.

those are not real comments i want real comments why are you strawmanning



yeah we are all sadomasochists on the internet. Except for old academic websites, but they live in the past. The beautiful past, and that is why you should go out and vote for your favorite conservative politician. It will bring it back and remove javascript from your website. Hope he will setup C teaching school for your children.

People pay to get angry in video games, and then be watched and commented upon. in a video game. i wish games were on tapes. games on tapes. I mean we can use tape as other method of communication. just a replacement of word really.

imagine this as an video essay, how much more violent could it be. At least that is an efficient proof that G-d exists, as I am too lazy to make videos. Now. and probably later too. if you want videos email me pictures of blue flowers in your rooms. I just want too see blue flowers, as they also enact violence. Not, that it is good, and also, has anything changed outside please che ck


why would anyone scream on the internet

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