Web radio reviews!

Last update: Apr 04 2020

I have decided to create this site, as webradios are not well organised and often not recognised for how great of a medium they are. If you want to add a webradio to this list, please email me.

Requirements to be on this list:

Entries in order of addition:

The legend of web radios, multiple formats, multiple stations, streams in more than acceptable quality. Great live sets if they happen, some stations are seasonal. It will probably stay for much longer, and I suggest donating if you can.

Electronic focused web radio, again with high-quality. As much as the website seems to be from mid-2000s, it still seems to be maintained as no songs repeat on my listens. Great electronic music, often better than anything that aforementioned soma.fm offers. The biggest risk is it going down, as there is no information of who hosts it.

Very nice radio, with 4 stations. Sadly seems to currently be only running the same playlist for last few months, but it is a nice playlist. Electronic and smooth jazz mostly.

A radio focused on video game and anime OSTs, with a large choice of qualities. It links other radio stations with similar music, but as I have no experience of them, they are not going to be reviewed here until I have listened to them for some time.

A radio run by one peculiar IRC channel. I am often there, so if you want to suggest a webradio, you can also do it there! I cannot say what is the exact focus of this radio, let’s say cyberpunk music - whatever that means.

A radio with 3 stations, all around electronic and disco, fine quality and in general nice! I haven’t listened to it much, but will update if something interesting/bad happens.

Japanese music of all genres, good quality. Not of my interest, but seems good if this is your thing.

‘Easy going listening music.’ Seems high quality. It has DJs, so for sure quality music rotation.

Video game soundtracks, very high quality, seem to have a bit more picked choice (which is often a problem with video game OST radios). Huge choice of audio formats to choose from.

It’s the greatest DnB radio on the internet! No ads, high quality, quite often live shows! Nothing, but the greatest recommendation I can give.

Nectarine radio is mainly focused on demoscene music. Very comfy, and seems to have a database large enough to get everyone on the planet a one nice demoscene track. Exactly what I would expect from a demoscene radio.

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