Wed, 13 Mar 2019 22:00:13 +0000

Public gopher for common folk

The problem with gopherspace public hosting (i.e. circumlunar, sdf, tilde, etc.) is that they require higher tech aptitude and usage of ssh. As much as this task of education is good, the fact is some people do not have time, but they want to have a way to publish their writings and ideas on a webpage.

I think republic.circumlunar had a good idea with sftp, as it did not require using ssh to post, instead allowing using sftp (so filezilla can do it!). The problem with this was still requiring emailing (with manual confirmation) and having ssh-key as a method of identification.

I think that gopherspace needs its own n/geocities, to allow simple creativity without additional knowledge, and with automated adding of users, possibly through email confirmation and access through sftp or other simple way to send new textfiles and some guides for writing gophermaps.

Currently, I am unable to run such a service as I am not in a financial situation for it, but I am open to help with writing guides for those less tech adept (contact on the main page). I understand that some gopher users take their pride in *nixer dominant environment, but I think it would be good for the gopherspace to have more contributors who could move away from more corporate html services.

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