I am putting my writings here for those who want to link them to the non-gopher enlightened. The gopher site is available here and still is the preferable choice. They are all under the GFDL.


Notes on crypto culture
How and why I (attempt to) use Links as main browser
Why not just use bitmap fonts?
Short socio-cultural 'analysis' of lores
on on religion
Patrick Bateman is a Buddhist Hero
hunters lodge investment scheme
The Outpost
That was a decade
Lessons of individuality
the death of the scholar
Matrix is not your failed Gnostic myth
On reason in the age of internet
Dungeon Synth
Well no - Dialog
On rot and retention
Public gopher for common folk
War is over (if you want it) or is it?
How do we get past platforms?
Digital Forgery
On features and importance of ends
Is *this* fine?
A short note on the modern democracy
Reading questions
2018: A year past
Short Story: The Issue
Szulkins' Golem: The Essence of the Human Subject
On Ambient
The Lost Webspace
Better plumbing in Xorg with plan9port's plumber
Why Musings?

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