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How do we get past platforms?

or how I stopped worrying and loved the corp

This was supposed to be a serious article in which I give a solution, but the more I've written I realised that I was playing myself and would return at any other bullshit solution I accuse others of, that is why the ending is that different from the start, as I do not think lying and accepting rules of the academic style is fair or unchanging. If you find my opinions funny, fine. Some ideas can only work in irony.

We all know platforms - Youtube, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc. etc. The problems with them are boundless: centralisation and all the power coming from it, changing your own creations, and all things extending from them. But are they necessary evil? They have arisen from the platformless-y internet, we still had usenet forums, Geocities, and other somewhat centralised solutions.

I have a problem of modern solutions - federations (look Mastodon, Matrix, etc.) or some absurd chaos solution, which mixes all elements and tries to cache data, then setup peer 2 peer service, reconnect to the blockchain, off-grid protocol for analysing content-addressed webscale method shader TOR over XMPP distributed browser framework, non-tech explanation for the end user will take half an hour and it will only work with the most risk taking group. This is why I hate term decentralisation, or federalisation, or anything which seems to solve this problem using a term. If someone asks me for terms, I just go to bullshit generator0 and they always convince anyone of my opinion of those things.

The first problem we need to overcome is that people don't react to change well. They react well to fast browsers and good feedback... (here I realised on how absurd this writing will be, in the best case scenario it would be rambling how people are dumb, or giving another weak solution)

this `thinkpiece' can only go pessimistic route, and only reconfirm that bogdanovs are winning and we are just playing ourselves and in the best case they just will have to change strategy anyway

as if they are not doing this with this beatiful libertarian dream of blockchain, which just works great in pump and dump schemes and it also a good way to control your corporations investments. also can't wait when actual currency will be called credits and everything will be ledger that will be only public to corporations and husks of governments and their agencies working for coporations

capitalism fucking sucks and no web utopias you dumbass welcome to the true deep ecology where nuking saves everything

no bullshit balancing systems theory, watch All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace by Adam Curtis if you believe this self-confirming nonsense about cybernetics or technology. in short nothing is balanced, the situation is excellent. this how world works, world is not balanced input/output systemd controller, if we don't know how to predict weather let's not speak of predicting human behaviours in capitalism as if they were rational

I think I was right in my past phlog post, it is the right place, as here corpses simply do not care about us. We are not really free, but at least we have a place where we are not coerced at every moment. Do what you want, be this beautiful Randian (anti-)hero trying to become a billionaire/destroyer of the world/professional eater of pizza.

to end on optimistic note. chaos will last forever, it will just ascend to other levels and may be understood. My most optimistic part suggests that it will be understood as it has to be understood, but maybe by other humanity, other civilisation, but why should we take the pride for that if it was necessary anyway. maybe it was already done, and speaking of platforms - just use whatever you prefer from technical reasons. Cause political reasons are as unreasonable as the politics we live in. I prefer this

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