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Short Story: The Issue

a short story, trying my hands at that, wrote some before but now have somewhere to publish, made while listening to some modern surf rock (Daikaiju)

It was a deadline week in the office of 'Weekly Weisenberger' the weekly Weisenberg magazine. Johnathan Keinblut was on his way to the office, when the rotten tree branch affected his bike in such a way that he fell of through the front. Now, there he was - on the Weisenberg path, next to the river, running with a broken bike, to his office, with a bag with the most important article stating how a family of five lost their funding for the sixth child. He had to run, as him being late meant that, the magazine wouldn't have time to fact-check his story for facts. He hated lies. Lies were political and against humanity. Or maybe he was wrong? Not important, he was just focused on running. The position he was awkward, as he had to drive his bike using only the front wheel. It was the back wheel which bent because of that dumb branch. If it weren't for that branch he would have been safe. He managed to get out from the forest which was next to the Weisen river.

It was a hot day, Johnathan got to the crossing, cars were rushing, as it was the rush hour, they had to rush, if they did not rush it would mean that Johnathan was late. He had to wait for the green light. Green light. Someone laughed at him for looking extremely awkward, with his red jacket, and dirt all over him. Still on the run to the job, got through the crossing. Just two next crossings and he is safe. As for him safe meant not being late with his article. Having his article published and edited for him - despite the irony of that - meant everything for him. What if his text wasn't in this weeks issue?

A dog. Bike dropped outside of Johhnathan's hands, and fell onto the street and got hit by a car. As Johnathan got the most modern bike, it happened to completely shatter after being hit by the car. Now Johnathan had to walk, run, trot, whatever, towards his job everyday, until he gets his bike back. That means that this state he is in (except for the dirt) will be the standard. Well, journalism does not give great freedoms. At least he had his bag with his article, written on a typewriter, as he prefers it so, as writing on the computer distracts him, and is not efficient. There are too many emails from the Minimalists newsletter, therefore he does not need distractions. The red jacket was supposed to be a certain equation between high-vis and official jacket at one time, though even Johnathan would agree that this compromise made no sense.

The door to the office were open. It turned out Johnathan was early still. Or the office was closed? Maybe he was that late, what if he was that late, if he was that late that would mean all his attempt at being the most effective journalist in Weisenberg were a failure, or they always were? What if he had no job, and all he had was that stupid bike, lying somewhere in the gutter? He hears steps. -Johnathan, early again! What are you made of? - yelled his boss. Johnathan felt his heart pounding, and felt a relief. He was safe. He was not late for this weeks issue of 'Weekly Weisenberger'. The article 'Family Without Funding' by J. Keinblut.

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